Employee Spotlight | Frank Gray

Meet our Internet Sales Manager, Frank Gray.

For this month's Employee Spotlight, we are highlighting our Internet Sales Manager, Frank Gray, for his amazing contributions to the Sierra Honda family and would like to recognize Frank for all of his hard work.

Frank is an invaluable part of our team here at Sierra Honda and his commitment to excellence is second to none. We can always count on Frank to deliver his best in customer service in all interactions, going above and beyond- every time.

We recently interviewed Frank about his position and are proud to highlight his contributions in this month's Employee Spotlight. 


How long have you worked here at Sierra?

"I started December 2011 so over 7 1/2 years."


What’s your favorite car here at Sierra Honda and why?

"My favorite car is the 2.0 Accord Sport."


Why is providing excellent customer service important to you?

"I have been in the car business for 25 years and have lived in the San Gabriel Valley for 20 plus of those years. Since day 1 I knew if I was genuinely nice to my customers they would help me. That is so true. I live that truth on a daily basis. My customers from even just my 7 short years here send me hundreds of customers every year.

A couple months ago a customer of mine collected the names and phone numbers of 20 of her friends who wanted to buy a Honda. I have sold about 15 of them and those people that have purchased are already sending their friends. I try so hard that at the end of the deal the customer is smiling and happy."


What would you like your customers to take away from their experience with you? 

"Whether the customer purchases or not I want them to feel that I took the time necessary for them to make the best decision. I believe my customers would say that I am a pretty mellow guy who likes to make deals. They know I know the market and what others are selling at so my prices are competitive.

They trust me to get a great deal. Sometimes I may not have the lowest price but they know that when they come in with me the deal will be very straight forward and will be still smiling at the end of the transaction."


Why should customers choose Sierra Honda?

"That is a good question. There are other dealerships that are a lot nicer, parking is easier and probably if you lean against the bathroom counter you don't get your shirt wet. They come to Sierra Honda because we are genuinely nice people. Especially myself and all the others they come in contact with.

They come because we have great prices and don't "Jack People Around." They come because Hondas are great reliable cars. They come to eat the popcorn on the showroom floor. They come because their friend or family member bought a car from Frank Gray / Sierra Honda and had a great experience."


What kind of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

"I love to go fishing at Catalina Island for White Sea Bass but I spend a lot of my free time watching my children play water polo either for their club or high school teams."


Employee Spotlight | Frank Gray - Sierra Honda

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