Honda Lease Return Process at Sierra Honda

Honda End of Lease Options


Purchasing or leasing a new Honda is an exciting experience, and as your Honda Lease comes to end, you have an important decision to make.


That’s why our helpful and knowledgeable lease retention team is here to make the return of your lease as easy as possible.


You have 3 options when it comes time to return your lease.

Your first option is to return your Honda and lease or purchase a brand new one.

Drive away in a vehicle that fits your current lifestyle. Take advantage of brand-new comfort and entertainment features and feel confident knowing you are equipped with the latest safety and security technology. By purchasing or leasing a new Honda, you may qualify for exclusive loyalty benefits.


These include:

• An extra 500 dollar wear and use or damage waiver, up to 1,000 dollars waived on your current lease

• A turn in fee waiver on your current vehicle

• Or a security depot waiver on a new Honda lease.

It is recommended that you schedule your end-of-lease inspection within the last two months of your lease agreement.


Your second option is to purchase your leased vehicle.

If you love your Honda, why not own it? Buying your leased vehicle is a great way to continue benefiting from its reliability, performance, and high resale value.

If you decide to purchase your Honda, there is no inspection required since there are no excess wear and use or excess mileage charges to worry about.


The third option is to turn in your leased vehicle.

We’d love to keep you as a returning customer, but if your decision is to turn in your Honda Lease, we are here to make the process of returning your leased vehicle as easy and convenient as possible.

To schedule an appointment and review your options, please contact our Lease Retention Team at www.SierraHonda.com or give us a call anytime.

We’ll happily assist you with a smooth transition- including the possibility of getting into a new vehicle before your lease ends.


Honda Lease Return Process at Sierra Honda - Sierra Honda

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